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Return of the Jimz

Hello tumblr!

Now that I’m done with school for good, (well until I decide to get my masters) I have more time for myself after work!  So what better to do, but blog?

A lot happened in the past 3 years and I decided to just make a highlight of the biggies. (not in chronological order)


I graduated high school, I fell in love, started college, got my license, turned 18, got my first ticket.


I got in a relationship, ended that relationship, lost my house, most depressing year ever, until I moved to San Francisco, and got my own place, and picked up my self my the ground, became a peer mentor, worked at Canon, worked on more and more films, started a business, started working for the cage.


The year of the rebel.  I became a rebel, upped my film game big time, turned my life back around, shot my senior film, worked on several award winning films, won best cinematography on a 24 hour contest, started going to raves, became a new person.


Lived up to 2013 and brought it to a whole new level of awesomeness, bought a new car, won best portfolio, graduated college, tired of film, but still getting more and more projects to do, started working for EDMC full time, and now here I am!

I probably missed a lot, to be honest my memory has gone bad over the last 3 years, I need more ram. lol.  And tbh, I’ve been SO lazy ever since I graduated college.  Like I feel like I worked so hard non stop, and now I feel the need to rest.  I come home from work and do nothing but lie down until I fall asleep.  I’m DPing senior films and other projects, but I’m not really doing my homework on it…  I don’t know.  I just need a break.  College really burns you down.  I’m glad I nailed it in 3 years.  Now I have $42k on student loans and already paid $8k.  About to put in another $7k this month and that should bring me down to $29k already.  My goal is to pay it off in less than 2 years.  Cos I can, and cos I do what I do.  What the fuck am I saying now. Okay. I should stop.  Oh yeah and I worked for Lyft, Sidecar, Zesty, AdverCar, and as a freelance somewhere in the last 3 years.

Birds eye view from the office. #fire  (at Renoir Hotel)

Birds eye view from the office. #fire (at Renoir Hotel)

I Won’t Give Up Trailer #1 from James Lazaro Rumohr on Vimeo.

Actually a clip from one of the first few cuts.

Film I&#8217;m DP&#8217;ing. #JimmyFilm  (at Manteca, California)

Film I’m DP’ing. #JimmyFilm (at Manteca, California)

#BBQ with the crew. #JimmyFilm  (at Manteca, California)

#BBQ with the crew. #JimmyFilm (at Manteca, California)